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FAQ – Placenta TLC

Placenta Encapsulation in Ireland


Q1: How do I get my placenta to Placenta TLC?

We collect from all maternity hospitals nation-wide in Ireland & Home Births,.
A Chill Pack will be provided to you once we receive your booking form and deposit.
Once baby is born your birth partner will contact us and we will arrange pick up of your placenta.

Q3: If I have a medicated birth or a cesarean section can I still go ahead?

Yes, you can still use your placenta.

Q4: How do I store my placenta safely after birth?

Your midwife will place the placenta in your chill pack which is provided to you by us once you send us your Booking Fork & deposit.

Your chill pack will contain ice packs to keep your placenta cool until collection.  You can add more ice to this also if you have had a long labour.

Contact Placenta TLC soon after your birth to arrange collection within 24 hours (usually within 3-4 hours).  If you forget your chill pack, surround with plenty of ice and transfer to a refrigerator.

Q5: What if I give birth prematurely?

Yes as long as your placenta is released to you and not sent to pathology there is no problem.

Q6: Are there any circumstances when it would not be possible to use the placenta for encapsulation or other placenta remedies?

If you smoked during your pregnancy your placenta is not suitable for encapsulation. In some rare circumstances your consultant will want your placenta to go to pathology, so encapsulation is not possible in this instance.

Q7: What is the difference between simple and steamed placenta capsules?

Simple Capsules – the placenta is dehydrated for 14-16 hours and then milled to powder before encapsulation.  The yield of capsules is higher than the steamed method and is the most popular form of capsules.

Steamed capsules -the placenta is steamed first and then dehydrated for 8-10 hours before being milled into powder for encapsulation.

Both capsules have a shelf life of 6 months.

Q8: How big are the capsules and how long will they last?

We use size ’0′ capsules when preparing placenta pills.  These measure roughly 2cm in length and 0.7cm in width.

Q9: How many capsules will my placenta make?

The yield can vary from 120-300 capsules but this will vary depending on the type of method you choose and the size of your placenta.